Marriage agencies like to claim that beautiful Russian women make the best wives in the world. They often make you believe that most Western women are just plain evil and only crazy men are not looking for an Eastern European or a Russian wife.

Well, what can I say? Marriage agencies are trying to make money and advertising hot Russian ladies is their job. I personally could never work in advertising, because I hate lying and exaggerating and I always believe that honesty is the best policy. Obviously, most advertisers have a different motto, but I can’t judge them for it.

The truth is, Eastern European women have certain qualities that many Western men love, but “many’ is not “all” and I met a few people who found some of these qualities annoying.

Russian woman can be the perfect wife for you if you like women who admit that they need men in order to be happy, if they are family-oriented and care about how they look like.

Russian woman will be the worst wife for you if you strongly believe in feminism; if you prefer women who are self-sufficient and career-oriented and if you think that there is nothing more annoying than a woman who occupies the bathroom every day for at least an hour to do her hair and make up (especially if she is not even going out of the house that day).

Russian (Eastern European) women make the best wives for guys who are rather old-fashioned : guys who believe that women are a “weaker” (which doesn’t mean worse) gender, who need to be cherished, protected and provided for; guys who believe that women’s highest and holiest goal is motherhood (and not one heck of a career).

Don’t get me wrong. If you were browsing Russian women’s profiles online you probably already saw that most women are very well educated and have college degrees. All of them have jobs as well. It’s just that maternity leaves are much friendlier in the Former Soviet Union countries, so it is easier for ex-Soviet women to combine motherhood and careers.

Most Russian women who come to the United States start working as soon as they are legally allowed to, and some of them (myself included) even get American degrees. FSU women are not lazy and they are used to working hard. The biggest issue for most Russian women (the ones I know anyway) is going back to work right after giving birth. Six weeks maternity leave is just cruel (according to Russians and eastern Europeans) and if your wife has no choice but to go back to work and leave your 6 week-old bean with some strangers at the day care, she is not going to be happy. Most EU woman I know, who live in the US are OK returning to work after the child turns a year old. The majority of my Russian friends living overseas usually stay with their kids until they are 3 y.o.(maternity leave is up to 3 years in Russia).
So don’t believe everything that the marriage agencies are telling you. Get familiar with the Russian culture and Russian mentality more and determine whether or not Eastern European or Russian women are going to be the best choice for you.

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2 Responses to “Beautiful Russian Women Make the Best Wives, or Do They?”

  1. Jim P. says:

    Russian women are too serious, they rarely ever smile and seem pretty aloof to me. I prefer Asian women over European ones and American women are at the bottom of my list.

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