There are many myths online about Russian guys. The most popular ones are that all Russian guys drink alcohol like there is no tomorrow, are rude and abusive, which is the reason why Eastern European and Russian women do not want to marry them.

First of all, women want to marry Russian guys and they do marry them. The biggest problem with Russian men is that there are not enough of them. Statistically, there are much more women in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine than men, which makes it tough for many women to get married.

Russian guys are not all alcoholics. Most of them are not. I lived in four different countries (including Western Europe and U.S.) and I can assure you that Westerners drink just as much as Russians. The only difference is that Russian men usually prefer vodka and Western men seem to prefer beer, mixed drinks or wine.

There ARE alcoholics in Russia and Eastern Europe, just like there are criminals and drug addicts, but I have seen plenty of people with bad addictions in the U.S., Germany, Poland and other countries as well. If you are looking for them, you will find them.

Another myth is that Russian guys are rude. This is also not correct. Russian culture enforces men to take care of their women, to support them and to treat them like ladies. Many Eastern European women actually say that they find Western men much more rude, because they often fail to open car doors for her, show up on a date wearing sneakers and chewing a gum and make her pay for her coffee at a coffee shop.

There are Russian men who are abusive though and in my opinion there are more of those in Eastern Europe than there are in the U.S. simply because women are not very well protected by the laws and suing your own husband is not that easy, unless he did something absolutely outrageous.

Overall though, most Russian guys have strong will; they are manly (something that Russian women like in men) and they love their women.

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8 Responses to “Russian Guys: What Are They Like?”

  1. olivia shamilov says:

    Im English Married to a Russian man ..He is “the love of my life” and wonderful ..he is everything a man should be..and the best thing I hve ever done getting married to him…..

  2. lourdes says:

    HI there. I read the article and like it. Now where can i find these russian men. there dont seem t be many.


    • Alex says:


      You can find us everywhere, especially, in Internet, but, sometimes also in real life. And the quality is always better than just quantity, isn’t it?

  3. Alex says:

    That’s very good that western ladies do not think about us just like permanently drinking, stinking and unshaven bears (moreover, being travelling worldwide I can say, that we don’t really drink too much in comparison with some other nations, it depends on many things).

  4. Васлий says:

    Согласен с последним коментом. Русские нормальные парни! В принципе как и остальные парни мира. Не стоит верить стереотипам.

  5. sara says:

    awww I hope I can get married to a good Russian guy. amen

  6. Angela says:

    I’ve had a Russian man for 15 years & I am Amerikonkov …I am mad at him right now but I will say they are good lovers and gentleman…the older you get the less they attend but still… We have a very beautiful child good genes. He likes Vodka and so do I as you may notice I’ve had a bit tonight ;)

  7. Angela says:

    I wouldn’t mind another actually

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